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Written by Sherry R Macbeth Since the movie "The Secret" (and for many of us, well before that) we have seen so much information and hype regarding the Law of Attraction. And while many of us understand the concept behind manifesting our desires, we still find it difficult to get the things we want. I have heard many people say "Oh that just doesn't work!" Your right! With that outlook it won't!  It’s the first step towards setting yourself up for failure without even trying. Manifesting ab

Why Phlebotomy Is A Great Career To Get Into

Needles! Not many people like being jabbed or having their blood drawn. I sometimes wonder how the people who do the blood drawing feel about it as well though. What exactly is a Phlebotomist? Its simple really. A Phlebotomist draws blood from patients for diagnosing diseases, treating illnesses, or just doing an overall check to make sure there are no health issues cropping up. These blood samples get sent off to laboratories to be tested. Doesn’t sound too dramatic, does it? A Phlebotomist